Strong Faith. Strong Youth. Strong Future. Celebrating Faith, Culture and Spirituality in Perth 2018
NATSICC National Assembly
Keynote Speakers
Fr Frank Brennan Jesuit priest Fr Frank Brennan is chief executive officer of Catholic Social Services Australia – the Catholic Church’s peak body for social services in Australia. Fr Frank has been a long-time advocate for human rights and social justice in Australia. His contact and involvement with people who are poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged began early in his priestly ministry when he worked in the inner Sydney parish of Redfern with priest activist Father Ted Kennedy. In every role he has had since, he has been amplifying the voice of conscience, especially the voice of those who are marginalised. Frank is also an adjunct professor at the Australian Catholic University and at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture. He is also the superior of the Jesuit community at Xavier House in Canberra. Dr. Richard Walley OAM Richard is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal performers and writers. His life has been incredibly diverse and full of achievements. Over the past ten years, Richard has been working with Australian, European and American companies as a cultural consultant and presenter. He participates in the Natural Stewardship Resource Meetings in France and lectures on Aboriginal Culture at the University of Western Australia. Continual participation in Nyoongar cultural and contemporary events including Survival Day Concert and the Wardanji Festival. Richard performs Welcome to Country ceremonies regularly for the community, business and government sectors. Bishops Commission for relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people The Bishops Commission for Relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is made up of Bishop Eugene Hurley, Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green, Bishop Don Sproxton and Bishop Tim Harris. Working closely with NATSICC, the Commission advises the Bishops and the Conference on issues that arise in the areas of its responsibility and, where appropriate, makes recommendations for action that might be undertaken at a national level. The Bishops will be attending the Assembly and hosting a Q and A Session.

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