Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have faced adversity before, and COVID 19 is another challenge that we must face. In difficult times, we rely on each other to keep our spirits strong and now more than ever we need to use the resources around us to stay in contact with one another.

We have compiled some resources and information to help keep you and your community safe.


Protect your mob and stop the spread


You can help stop the spread by:


  • keeping your hands clean — wash your hands with soap and water (where possible) for at least 20 seconds. Do this after you cough or sneeze, go to the toilet, and before you make any food
  • coughing or sneezing into the inside of your elbow, not your hands
  • putting your tissues in the bin after you use them and washing your hands after
  • not touching your face
  • cleaning surfaces often, such as door handles, kitchen and bathroom benchtops
  • not hugging or shaking hands with people
  • keeping away from people and family if you are sick with a fever, cough or sore throat or are having trouble breathing — and seeking medical help.





Vaccinations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples


COVID-19 vaccination – Fact sheet – Giving your consent (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples)


COVID-19 vaccination – Key health updates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities (10/9/21)


NACCHO (National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organization) COVID 19 information page


Find an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Health Service near you


Staying healthy and strong - Beyond Blue


Social media and educational materials


Social Media template

It is important that we spread the message that vaccinations are crucial. the best way to do that is through leading by example. The social media template below (created by the Federal Government) has been created for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and allows you to upload an image of a Community Leader and the reasons why they are getting vaccinated against COVID-19.


COVID-19 vaccination – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthcare workers talking about the COVID-19 vaccines


COVID-19 vaccination – Video – Shanley encourages other young people to get their COVID-19 vaccine so that they can hang out again


Wilcannia and Western NSW COVID situation


First Nations Peoples have taken the threat of COVID seriously because we understand the damage that could be done should the pandemic reach our communities. Our Elders and our sick are the holders of our knowledge and the cornerstone of our culture, but they are also the most vulnerable. Combined with many communities only having basic healthcare facilities, the impact of COVID has the potential to be disastrous.

Unfortunately in August, the Wilcannia Community recorded their first COVID case since the start of the Pandemic. The strength and resilience of the community has been astounding as virus has swept through the remote town.


Our message to  the people of Wilcannia and Western NSW


Having met with the Bishop of the Wicannia - Forbes Diocese - Bishop Columba Macbeth Green - it was decided that in addition to sending material assistance via our existing programs, it was important to let the people of Western NSW know they are not forgotten. Many in the area felt abandoned due to their geographical isolation so it was important to all our councillors on NATSICC to let them know that their First Nations Brothers and Sisters were with them in spirit.


NATSICC Video Message






















NATSICC Letter of Support


Bishop Columba-Macbeth Green traveled from Forbes to Wilcannia to provide spiritual and tangible assistance to the people in the most Western section of his Diocese. Not only did his presence provide comfort, he helped distribute materials and helped wherever the community needed. NATSICC wrote a letter to our people   to let them know that we are with them in spirit.


Full letter - To all our Mob in Wilcannia

Excerpts from the letter:


"You might feel alone because of where you are, but our spirit is connected with yours across the country."


"For millennia we have come together as one people to lift one another. When one falls down, two come to pick them up."


"You are not, and will not be forgotten in these difficult times. We walk alongside you in spirit and hope that you draw strength from the power of prayer from across Australia and call on the Creator Spirit to keep you safe and guide the community to health."





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